Why Most Shoppers Don’t Trust Online Businesses

trust exerciseIf you’re having a hard time getting your online business off the ground, it could be because people visiting your site don’t trust you. Like the trust exercise where someone is supposed to lean backwards into your waiting arms but never do  – even though you constantly reassure them that you will be there to catch them, many shoppers may hesitate to push your “Buy Now!” button.

There are many reasons why most  shoppers don’t trust online businesses enough to buy from them. Here are my top five:

1. They don’t know who you are or who your company is
When people visit a website that is new to them, they might suppose that it is new to everyone else too. The trust is that people trust people they know. If they have never heard of you or your product, you’ve got to make them feel that you are a legitimate company. Third parties like Trust Guard or BBB can help with that problem by displaying a seal on your site from a company that they do know and that they do trust.

2. They don’t understand how your product works or its value to them
“When they don’t get it, they won’t get it.” That phrase is universally true. Teach visitors the ins and outs of your product or groups of products through words, images, videos and testimonials. Your principle endeavor as an online business owner is to help them see your product’s features and benefits. If they don’t see the value of your product, they won’t buy it.

3. They don’t think your product can do what you say it can do
If people visiting your site think for just a moment that you are trying to pull the wool over their eyes, they won’t buy from you. Offering a quadruple your money back guarantee, for example or stating that your product can do more than what it looks like it can do will move people right off your site. Getting ratings, reviews and testimonials can help with this problem.

4. They don’t like something about how you’ve set up your website
Either your colors are off or your messaging is offensive or they can’t find the Live Chat icon – whatever the reason, they don’t agree with the way you’ve organized things for them. They may think that if the website is this sloppy or unappealing, maybe so are your products. A/B testing with different approaches will tell you which version shoppers like best.

5. They think you are charging more than you should for your product
In this instance, you might need to re-evaluate your pricing. Or maybe you haven’t done a good enough job of telling them how your product will improve their life so much that they will wonder how they ever survived without it. Resolving this issue is all about salesmanship. A well-created, believable video can help.

There are many things you can do right off the bat to improve the way someone who doesn’t know you reacts to your website. And there are ways to improve trust with online visitors, like displaying trust seals that show that you are protecting their privacy and that you scan your website periodically for vulnerabilities to make your site is safe from hackers. Remember, it’s all about getting them to the point where they trust you enough to buy your product because they know that when they lean backwards, you’ll be there to catch them.




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