How to Make the Most of Your Trust Seals.

Trust seals are an easy way to let customers know that your website is safe and secure. A trust seal is usually given from a third-party company that verifies the security of your site. The requirements for obtaining a trust seal typically involve passing a PCI compliance scan and having specific security measures in place. Most seals are validated when they are created and last for a specific amount of time. If the trust seal is allowed to expire, it must be re-validated.

trust seals

Example of a Generic Trust Seal

There are 3 different types of Trust Seals.

Security Seals: Many companies administer daily network scans and provide seals verifying that the website or server is secure and safe from vulnerabilities and attacks.

Privacy Seals: Verify that the merchant has specific privacy policies in place to protect the customer.

Business Identity Seals: Provides information such as the business’ e-mail address, street address and phone number to show the authenticity and validity of the website.

Many companies guarantee increased sales for websites containing security seals, the highest results coming from websites containing all three seals. However, there has been some criticism for certain trust seals as well. Websites with trust seals that only show validation for one specific point in time, might still have security holes. They were secure when validated, but the seal doesn’t show beyond that date whether the site was secure or not. Many companies offer daily PCI compliant scanning with trust seals that have both the scan result and the date included on the seal. Then customers can know for certain that the website is truly safe.

When determining what trust seals you need for your website, remember that the most important function of the trust seal is to enhance the customers’ trust in your website. Make sure to have a security seal that shows daily compliance and scans. Also, consider having all three seals on your site to build optimum trust.



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