Trust Seals for Websites Address Consumers 3 Major Concerns

If you want to increase traffic and sales on your website, you are going to need to address the 3 major concerns of online consumers. This is accomplished through Trust Seals. When surveyed, Internet users stated that their three biggest concerns were…

1- Is the website safe?

2- Is the information on the website accurate?

3- Does the website have a good privacy policy?

When a website uses Trust Seals, it provides instant feedback to consumers.

There are different types of seals.

Security Seals: Many companies administer daily network scans and provide seals verifying that the website or server is secure and safe from vulnerabilities and attacks.

Privacy Seals: Verify that the merchant has specific privacy policies in place to protect the customer.

Business Identity Seals: Provides information such as the business’ e-mail address, street address and phone number to show the authenticity and validity of the website.

Any of the Trust Seals for websites will increase the credibility and build trust on your site, but using all three will address the 3 major concerns of consumers and will ultimately have the biggest affect on consumer trust, activity and sales.

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