Trust Guard Announces a New Security Trust Seal!

Trust Guard has a new security seal! Trust Guard is best known for PCI scanning services and their quality trust seals or marks . They provide three main trust seals:

Security Seals show that you have your website regularly scanned for vulnerabilities and have security measures in place to prevent cyber attacks.

Business Seals provide business and contact information such as a physical address, e-mail or phone number for your business. This lets your customers know that you are legit and a real business.

Privacy Seals inform visitors that you have specific privacy policies in place to protect your customers.

Studies have shown that trust seals improve conversion rates because they provide immediate feedback to your customers, letting them know that your website is safe and secure. This helps to build a trusting relationship between you and the customer.

trust sealsAs I said before, Trust Guard has launched a new header security seal. It has a modern, sleek look and is easy to see and read. It is displayed at the “head” or the top of the website, which is actually very important. Studies have shown that the placement of your trust seal makes a difference in conversion rate. You want someone to know, the minute they arrive at your website, that their information is safe and secure.


trust sealsTrust Guard has recently conducted split studies using their new security seal and results show that the new security seal improves conversion rates up to 15 % higher than the original with no seal. The original page already had a good conversion rate, so the fact that Trust Guard seals can improve that even more is great news for website owners everywhere.



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