Want to Build Your Conversion Rate? Trust Matters

With talk of recessions and the fiscal cliff crisis, people are more wary than ever to give up their hard earned cash. How does this affect your website’s conversion rate? What will make your vistitors decide to purchase your product instead of moving on to another website?

conversion rateI found a great article from copyblogger.com about this very topic. In this article, Sonia Simone, talks about the big and ugly troll that lives under the bridge. This troll rears his ugly head, just as your customer is about to make a purchase and scares them away. What is this troll?

It is fear.

Fear of wasting money. Imagine that carnival game leader who took all of your quarters and then watched you walk away with the gigantic stuffed animal still hanging from the ceiling.

Fear of being made the fool. Picture Ralphie, from A Christmas Story, who drank gallons of Ovaltine and then anxiously waited for weeks for his Orphan Annie Secret Society Decoder Pin, just to find out that the first secret message was…”Be sure to drink your Ovaltine.” The disappointment was keen. What a waste!

Fear that you’ve been had–that the product you are buying isn’t all it’s talked up to be.  Visualize Harry Wormwood, the used car salesman, in Matilda.

We’ve all been there and we’ve all been visited by the big and ugly troll at one time or another.

So how to you kill the big ugly troll?

It isn’t easy. The key– TRUST.

With the insecurity of this economy, consumers will only buy from those that they trust. It’s not a want or a luxury. It’s a need. They need to trust you, your website and your product.

Everything on your website needs to show that you are trustworthy. Display real contact information. Show high-quality content. Put your customers first and keep your promises. Have Trust Seals on your website to show your authenticity and that you care about their security.

With each positive experience a customer has with you or your website, the more likely they are to return and recommend your site to others. Even negative experiences can be turned into positive depending on how you deal with the situation. By putting your customer’s needs first, you will show them that they can trust you, even when problems arise. As your trustworthy reputation increases, so does your conversion rate.


2 thoughts on “Want to Build Your Conversion Rate? Trust Matters

  1. Shannon

    I know that from experience, the safer I feel from a site, the more times I will visit and the more comfortable I feel spending larger amount of money as well

  2. Aaron

    Whether it’s associated with a blind date or doing business with a company that we have never used before, fear can stop us dead in our tracks. Sometimes we’d rather not go on dates and not buy anything rather than take a chance.

    Online companies that display Trust Guard seals help us feel confident in using their brand. I wish Trust Guard verified blind dates!

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